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View and change the MAC ID of your network adapters
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The MAC address of your network adapter is a unique attribute of your true online identity. It is often even more reliable and accurate in detecting one’s true identity than the IP address. Therefore, in order to ensure a higher level of security and privacy, hiding your true MAC address is of great importance. Unfortunately, performing the MAC address spoofing manually, without specialized means, is quite difficult especially for beginners. That’s why handy tools like this one have been created. They allow changing the MAC address in a simple and easy manner.

This application detects your true MAC address and identifies its network adapter manufacturer. Then it lets you change it to a fake one with just a few mouse clicks. You can change the MAC address to the one specific to a different network card manufacturer or generate and assign a completely random MAC address. This neat program can also automatically activate for you the new MAC address after it has been changed. Its interface is simple, intuitive and straightforward. It provides some handy additional information about your connection, such as the exact name of the network adapter model, the GUID or various network parameters such as the DNS server or the gateway.

In conclusion, this tool represents a really simple, fast and easy way of changing your MAC address, suitable for any kind of users, including complete beginners.

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  • Very neat, simple and easy to use
  • Displays handy additional data about the connection and the network card
  • Can reset the MAC address to the original one


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